Artwork by Nicole Mann

The shapes of Sol LeWitt II


The building blocks of all the things - circle, square, triangle. At times we see them, other times we can’t remember what we were looking for. They are subtle and elusive.

Inside/Out Shawls are woven with two parallel planes - a tube along one edge and an accompanying tapestry. When turned inside-out, the tapestry is enveloped within the tube. These pieces can be worn as a shawl displaying their full glory, or as a modest and contained tube-scarf.
(Video of the Inside/Out Shawl is displayed on our Instagram feed)

Inside/Out Shawl
100% Superfine Merino wool
22” x 64”

* This piece is woven by hand - imperfections are normal and expected.
** Colors may appear slightly different on screen than they do in person.

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